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Partner Wallet
Partner wallet

Minimal x Convenient x Design = Overwhelming partner wallet in modern society

Commitment 1, "Compatible with the cashless era! ] A feeling of the best minimal size that scraped off waste!

Commitment 2, "Convenient design!" That minimizes the movement to the wallet in every usage scene.

Commitment 3, "Simple and stylish" Design that does not choose the handle that you can fully feel the warmth of leather!

I can't let go anymore! Just a partner!

Do you hear that the number of minimalists is increasing worldwide as cashless society progresses and individual lifestyles change?

Under such circumstances, we succeeded in putting together a more compact design than the previous time by repeating trial manufacture and improvement in order to obtain a feeling of just right size.


The design and functionality have been reduced to eliminate waste, and even those who are aiming for a minimalist or advanced minimalists can feel "I was looking for such a small and convenient wallet!" It has become.

size duel.jpg

minimum! Storage design

Can hold 10 bills, 10 coins, and 3 cards

In addition to cashless payments, cardless payments are also progressing, and more and more institutions are transferring credit cards, various settlements, and point cards to smartphone apps, and it is said that bank ATMs will also promote cardless payments.


Keeping the "minimum" in mind will help you organize unnecessary receipts and cards. It is a minimalist design that has been carefully crafted to please the real minimalist!

duel image copy.jpg
size copy.jpg

Active in various scenes High performance

1. 1. No need to remove the card! Easy electronic payment
There is no need to take out the card when passing through various payments and automatic ticket gates, and of course you can touch it as it is


2. It's easier to put in and take out bills and coins, so you don't have to rush.

It's very compact before it opens, but when you open one button, a spacious bill space pops out. Since there is room to pick up bills, smooth and reliable movement is possible when counting the number of bills or searching for the desired bill. The coin pocket also secures a wide entrance in a small space, and can be easily stored not only when taking it out but also when putting in change. At the time of checkout, even if there are many people lined up behind you, you can make smart payments without rushing.


3. For outdoor people such as campers, trekkers and bikers

Outdoors such as camping are booming, but the number of people who enjoy the outdoors alone, such as solo camping, solo trekking, and solo touring, is increasing.

In solo outdoor activities, it is premised that "all for one person, all for one person", such as how to move, preparations, installation and tidying up of equipment, so naturally there are few things to bring, and many people want to keep them small. For such a minimalist solo enthusiast, isn't a wallet that can be easily stored in a pocket or backpack a partner?


Four. As a sub-wallet for business trips and travel companions

It is especially useful for those who travel abroad or travel abroad a lot. In case of loss at the destination, many people take out money and cards that are only used in Japan, empty their wallets, and then go out.

In such a case, if you have a partner wallet as a sub wallet, you can use it without having to replace the contents, which will save you time and alleviate the worry of losing the main wallet.

sub wallet.jpg

Also as a gift!

One point that is also recommended as a "gift" in terms of both price and design

As a result of pursuing a compact feeling and a simple design, it has led to "production cost reduction" and "design that does not choose the user", and it has become a wallet that is very easy to choose as a gift in terms of budget and design. Not only for yourself, but also as a gift for many people around you, such as family members, lovers, friends and colleagues at the company!


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