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Mini Wallet
Mini wallet

"Genuine leather mini wallet" that allows you to take out bills, coins and cards with the push of a button


Commitment 1, "Just remove one button" Comfortable payment with one action!
Commitment 2, bills, coins, cards, one "palm-sized" mini wallet.
Commitment 3, "Special leather" that prevents discoloration by urethane coating processing, even though you can enjoy the texture firmly

Active in various scenes High performance
No need to remove the card! Easy electronic payment

With the shift to cashless payments, we have more opportunities to hear many people saying, "I don't need a big wallet anymore." In today's world where IC payments and point awards have become commonplace, many people are no longer using cash for small purchases such as convenience stores, cafes, and vending machines.


A card pocket has been added to the outer surface so that you do not have to insert or remove it in line with the modern age of electronic commerce. It has a deep structure that hides the entire card so that you can store credit cards and other types of cards that you do not want others to see.


Smooth accounting by taking out bills, coins and cards


It's very compact before it's opened, but when you open one button, you'll see a spacious bill space, an easy-to-read box-shaped coin case, and a card pocket.

"Just remove one button"

The coin case is a box type that makes it easy to see inside. As it spreads out, it can be easily stored not only when taking it out, but also when putting in change. Even if many people are lined up behind you, you can make smart payments without rushing.


The slide space designed to make it easy to take out bills enables smooth and reliable movement when counting the number of bills or searching for the desired bill.


A little so far
Even when going out empty-handed

I went to a cafe in the neighborhood with only my smartphone and wallet. Even in such a case, you can quickly put it in your pocket and take it with you, which is a nice size for those who want to go out empty-handed.


Minimize the use of metal fittings with only one button. The simple design that makes use of high-quality leather material can be used in any occasion, casual or formal.


Campers and trekkers,
For outdoor people such as bikers

Outdoor activities that increase the amount of luggage.
If you keep your wallet small, you can put it in your jacket pocket or a large bag pocket, so you don't have to search for "Where's your wallet ...".


The surface of the leather is coated with urethane, so even if it gets a little wet ... it gets a little dirty ... if you wipe it early, it will be less likely to cause noticeable stains. * It is not waterproof or stain resistant.


Product specifications

Body size: Width approx. 9.7 cm x Height approx. 7.5 cm x Thickness approx. 2 cm


Can accommodate 10 bills, 10 coins, and 6 cards as a guide

Discerning "leather"
About "leather" used in this product

<Introduction and precautions on how to use>

When you take out the bill, you can use the slide space to slide the bill and pull it with your other hand to take it out smoothly.

use good-3.jpg

When inserting a bill, bend the back half slightly with your index finger and lightly lift the coin case in front with your thumb to make it easier to insert.

use good-2.jpg

At that time, if you pull it down too much, it may cause coins to fall.


If you don't have any coins, you can use the coin case space as a card storage.


The standard storage is around 10 bills and 11 cards.
(3 stacks on the outer card storage, 3 stacks on the inner card storage, 5 stacks on the coin compartment)

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