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Body Bag
body bag

Hands-free and comfortable! Thin leather body bag with 4 fasteners that emphasizes functionality (4 colors in total)


Even though it is a thin minimal design, it can be stored securely

The shape of the WR body bag does not lose its slim shape as much as possible so that it can be stored in one bag even when there is a little luggage such as walking on a trip as well as for a little outing. It is finished in the form.


Discerning structure

1, ease of putting in and out

Depending on the type and design of the body bag, the direction of the zipper may not match you, or you may have to unload the bag once when loading or unloading luggage. The WR body bag has a symmetrical design, so you can hang it on either shoulder. With its compact size, you can easily move the bag to the side or front of your body to easily put in and take out the contents.


2, even when there is a lot of luggage

Have you ever felt uncomfortable because the bag swelled too much when there was a lot of content and the bag fluttered up, down, left and right and did not stick to your back well?

The WR body bag has been devised for shoulder parts so that they can be reduced as much as possible. Parts are attached near the base of the shoulder tape, and by pulling the tape and tightening the upper part of the bag, the thickness is reduced and the structure is easy to fit even when there is a lot of luggage.


3, discerning parts

The lock part of the plastic buckle is not too hard, and it is a type that can be easily attached and detached with a snap. The shoulder tape is made of nylon satin satin weave with an emphasis on lightness and toughness, softness to the touch and slipperiness. I tried various widths and decided on the most comfortable 30mm width so that the width would not be too wide to bite into my neck or be too narrow to put a heavy burden on my shoulders. The fastener tape uses YKK® "Aqua Guard" , which is made by laminating the surface with a polyurethane film to make it watertight.

* It is not completely waterproof.

wrボディバッグstrap copy.jpg

4, the inside sorting space is also substantial

There are 5 spaces inside, the main space in the center and the front, back, left and right pocket spaces, so you can store it in your favorite pocket according to the size of your belongings and frequency of use .


Active in various scenes

It is unisex and simple design while valuing the texture of genuine leather, so it is recommended for both casual and formal wear.


Even when you want to take out something instantly, move the bag from your back to the side and the front of your body to be smart.

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